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This site accepts Mastercard and Visa. This site accepts PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay.

Quickly and Inexpensively Create Pay-Per-Use WiFi Hotspots

Combine a HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot router with any broadband Internet connection to create a custom-branded pay-per-use hotspot service. HotSpotPA provides all the tools you need to setup and brand your hotspots, to monitor your customers' online time, and to view credit card and PayPal payments. Fast and easy setup, free telephone support, and no software or dedicated servers are required. HotSpotPA takes care of it all for you!  Get One Now...

HotSpotPA is now available on ultra-high power Ubiquiti indoor/outdoor routers with up to 4000 milliwatts EIRP, the maximum legal FCC power level.  Find out more...

Hotspot System Features
Free firmware, no license fees.    Login and logout splash pages.
Charge your guests for Internet access.    Merchant account not required.
Supports wireless and wired hotspots.    Hosted system, no server required.
Authenticate by web login or MAC address.    Works with game consoles and iPhones.
Remote management of multiple hotspots.    Brandable with your company name and logo.
Expandable with Wireless Distribution System.    75% payout on customer purchases.
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Linksys WRT-54GL and Ubiquiti PicoStation2 WiFi hotspot routers

Campground, Marina and Apartment building with hotspot routers

Money made from a HotSpotPA wireless Internet WiFi hotspot

HotSpotPA is a complete pay-per-use WiFi hotspot solution. HotSpotPA's hotspot system is based on inexpensive Linksys and Ubiquiti wireless routers with optimized hotspot software installed in them. The HotSpotPA router controls the connection between your broadband Internet connection and your customers' computers, laptops, handhelds, and other wired or wireless devices. When a hotspot customer attempts to connect to the Internet, the router verifies their login and password before allowing them through. New customers are directed to a sign-up page where they can select from a variety of Internet account types and submit their payment using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. Instantly create a WiFi hotspot in your campground, RV park, marina, apartment building, hotel or restaurant with HotSpotPA's pay-per-use hotspot system. All that is required is an Ethernet connection to your DSL router, cable or satellite modem, and a 120V or 240V power outlet. Hotspot configuration is performed through the HotSpotPA web site. Just connect your WiFi router to the Internet, then browse to the HotSpotPA web site to configure your hotspot with your company's logo, branding and account types. That's all there is to it! HotSpotPA turns your wireless routers into revenue-generating machines. You set the prices that your customers pay for accessing your WiFi hotspot system. Your customers pay online using their PayPal account or credit card. Use the HotSpotPA hotspot management web site to view your customers' PayPal and credit card payments. A single HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot location with just 10 customers and an average price of $4 per day can generate $900 in monthly income!